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The first competition of STACK Italian Championship 2013 will run on April 25th to April 28th, 2013 at Pinarella di Cervia (RA), during the 33rd International Kite Festival, organized by Artevento kiting club.

Warning: this year CerviaCup will take place simultaneously with the STACK EuroCup 2013. The two competitions, CerviaCup and EuroCup, will take place on the same field and with the same panel of judges. It is therefore a unique opportunity to participate, either as pilots or as spectators, at an event of high international standard. Among other things, the rules for participation are very beneficial for the Italian pilots (for italian pilots we mean: all registered pilots in STACK Italy).

The foreign pilots can participate only in the EuroCup or in the CerviaCup as Novice. Registrations to the EuroCup for foreign pilots have been closed on March 13rd, 2013.

All the italian pilots, Master and Experienced, will participate at the same time both the CerviaCup and EuroCup. The deadline for the registration of italian Master and Experienced pilots will be extended by about a month (see below).

All the italian pilots (Master and Experienced) and foreign pilots therefore participate in EuroCup, which will be drawn up for a single classification. The ranking of CerviaCup instead will be composed by italian pilots only.

The competition for Novice pilots will follow different rules. Novice pilots, italian and foreign, will not take part in the Eurocup and so they will be drawn up for the CerviaCup classification only. The registration deadline and fees are differentiated from Novice to Master and Experienced pilots (see below). Also this year's Novice competitions will be named to Luigi Briglia, dear friend of STACK prematurely died.

Most likely the competition will take place according to the standard scheme: that is compulsory figures, precision and ballet routines (for Experienced and Master pilots only). But STACK Italy, the SIEC and the judges reserve the right at any time to choose a reduced competition formula (only compulsory figures + ballet), based on the number of registered pilots and weather conditions that occur during the competition weekend.

The competition will be figures and ballet only (no technical precision routine required). Only Novice competitors will perform the technical routine (no ballet).


The subscription fees for CerviaCup/EuroCup are the following:

  • DLI, MLI Experienced and Master: € 20,00
  • DLP, MLP, DLT, MLT: € 30,00
  • DLI, MLI Novice: € 10,00

There are the following discounts for drivers who register simultaneously in multiple disciplines:

  • Individuals registered for an Individual discipline, €10 off the registration fee for the alternate INDIVIDUAL discipline or €7.5 off the registration fee for any pair or team discipline up to a maximum of €15
    per pair or team
  • Pairs paying full registration fee for a Pair discipline, €15 off the registration fee for the alternate PAIR discipline or €15 off the registration fee for any TEAM discipline (maximum discount €15)
  • Teams paying full registration fee for Team disciplines, €30 off the registration fee for the alternate TEAM discipline.

Registration fees are payable in cash only at the registration desk (see below). Please bring the correct amount. NO PAY - NO FLY.

Registration to competition will be closed on April 14, 2013; STACK Italy reserves the right to not accept registrations over that date. In the case a registration request received over that date will be accepted, the pilot registration fees will be doubled. On the contrary, the Novice pilots will not sustain any penalties.

To subscribe to the competition or to request any informations, please send an email to Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. , specifying your name, surname, STACK membership number, the discipline you want to compete in (DLI, DLP, DLT, MLI, MLP o MLT) and the pilot category (Master/Eperienced, Novice). Foreigner pilots must specify the STACK national body where they have membership or if they are STACK International Member.

(see below the updated list of registered pilots)

The schedule

The competition schedule together with other important informations is contained into this document: EC~CC General Briefing Notes Final.pdf. In any case, the following times for registrations and briefing are fixed:


  • from 18.00 to 20.00, registration desk for the payment of competition fees for Master and Experienced (CerviaCup and EuroCup) at Hotel Rudy.


  • from 8.30 to 9.30, registration desk for the payment of competition fees for Master and Experienced (CerviaCup and EuroCup) at Hotel Rudy
  • 10.30 Briefing for all Master and Experienced pilots on the competition field.



The following Compulsories have been selected for the competition:

Classe Figure
Dual Line Individual 03 Circle and Diamond, 05 Lap ans Snap, 11 Split figure Eight, 15 LSI, 18 Squares Cuts
Dual Line Pair 03 Pair Circles over Diamonds, 06 Inverted Eight with Landing, 07 H, 09 The Cliff, 15 Pair thread & Roll
Dual Line Team 03 Follow, Flank-up & Square, 04 Hairpin, 07 Sorted Rectangle, 10 Team Diamonds, 11 Cascade
Multi Line Individual 02 Ladder Up, 04 Two Down, 08 Camel Back, 09 Clock Tower, 13 Z Pass
Multi Line Pair 03 Quadouble, 04 Two Down, 08 Double Diamonds, 11 Triangle Split, 13 Pair Pivots
Multi Line Team

01 Cascade, 02 Follow Slide Roll, 05 Two Down, 08 Team Pivots, 09 The Basket

Please note, these figures are described in ISK Compulsories Book, v2.2.1.


Audio & music for ballet

Pilots must give the music to the sound system people only on the following supports:

  • "USB Drive" - The pilot must save the music on mp3 or wav files. Then the files will be copied on the hard drive of PC connected to the audio mixer.

The audio CD is not recommended and STACK Italy reserves the right not to accept such support. In the event that the CD is accepted, the pilot should indicate, before flying the competition, the track number to be performed and the CD must be tested to make sure that no read errors will occur (often with burned CDs ).


STACK Italy can provide to you an accommodation pack arranged with Hotel Rudy in Cervia. Hotel Rudy is very near to competition field.

The convention established with the Hotel Rudy is based on a package of three nights (April, 25-26-27th), includes all types of treatment (B&B, half board and full board), provides the services, any extra cots for children of all ages and is available to all members, family members, EuroCup and CerviaCup pilots, friends and supporters of STACK Italy.

Reservation Policies

STACK Italy will not handle the bookings, so everyone will have to contact the hotel and book your own. Hotel references are:

(sold out) Hotel Rudy - Lungomare G. Deledda, 128 - 48015 Cervia (RA)
email: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.
phone: +39 054471938
fax: +39 0544973934
mobile: +39 3488747270

Hotel ABC - Viale Titano, 53 - 48015 Pinarella di Cervia (RA)
e.mail: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.
telefono: +39 0544987179
cellulare: +39 3478664920

When you will contact the hotel you have to ask explicitly about the convention reserved for STACK Italy.

Note: Since this convention is reserved for STACK Italy, in order to prevent abuse by people who don't have any relationship with STACK Italy and CerviaCup/EuroCup, STACK Italy announced that it reserves the right to ask the hotels the list of people who have booked by taking advantage of the convention.

The terms of the agreement (price, services, etc..) will not be published. Who wants to know about them is asked to make a request by writing to Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. or by contacting the Hotel Rudy. Please contact the hotel for informations about special situations and services (diversified menu, services for children, configurations of rooms, etc.).


List of registered pilots (STACK Italy pilots for CerviaCup and EuroCup, foreign pilots for EuroCup only)

List updated to April 14th, 2013. (Final)

DLI Novice:

DLI: Alberto Cavati (IT), Luca Coletto (IT), Assunta Dal Bosco (IT), Augusto Fantone (IT), Paolo Ferrandi (IT), Jonathan Filippi (IT), Julien Lahyani (FR), Mikhail Loskov (RU), Antonis Lumiotis (GR), Laurent Marcy (FR), Luca Piattoni (IT)

DLP: ATHANOR (FR - Pascal Maire, Maryvon Clause), AXEL'R (IT - Laura Mastromauro, Samuel Roger), COURANT D'AIR (FR - Maxime Desavoye, Benoit Flament), PHOENIX (UK - Fran Burstall, Tony Shiggins), SON C PILOTT (FR - Laurent Marcy, Philippe Machuel)

DLT: CREAM TEAM (FR - Philippe Machuel, Henri Dancy, Julien Lahyani, Vincent Bayard), CV FOLIE (FR -  Lucie Dolbecq, Christophe Gobin, Fabienne Lormeau, Nicolas Lormeau, Jeremie Maton, Sabrina Maton), FLAME (UK - Barry Savell, Fran Burstall, Tony Shiggins), START'AIR (FR - Maxime Desavoye, Benoit Flament, Fred Debressy, Alexandre Zeigler)

MLI Novice:

MLI: Timor Bourbaev (RU), Maryvon Clause (FR), Marco Costa (IT), Loris Gerbino (IT), Guido Maiocchi (IT), Pascal Maire (FR), Gabriele Orsi (IT), Sara Rizzetto (IT), Guglielmo Rizzo (IT), Werther Secchi (IT)

MLP: 2 PRO (FR - Philippe Machuel, Henri Dancy), BUCKETS & BEARS (IT - Gabriele Orsi, Werther Secchi), KANGAROO TANGO COPTER (FR - Maryvon Clause, Pascal Maire), POLO SKY (RU - Mikhail Loskov, Timour Bourbaev)

MLT: STACK Italia (IT - Gabriele Orsi, Guido Maiocchi, Marco Costa, Werther Secchi, Sara Rizzetto), STACK UK (UK - Barry Savell, Fran Burstall, Tony Shiggins), QUAD 9 (FR - Philippe Machuel, Henri Dancy, Maryvon Clause, Pascal Maire)